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Right now Malaika Foundation is able to give a home cooked weekly meal to over 100 children.  But, of course, this is just the beginning. What we have done so far is a big first step, and with your help we will do more!

More children

Malaika is now providing food, once a week, for about 100 children.  Our main goal is to increase these numbers, and be able to give meals at least 3 times a week for many more children.

Back home

Most of the children come from outside the city and end up on the streets of Nairobi looking for ways to make money, so that they can send home financial support to their families. But, when they realize that it is almost impossible for them to earn anything, they become afraid of returning home empty-handed and become homeless on the streets. One of our biggest goals at Malaika is to reunite these children with their families, and then try to support the family unit.


Food is their most important need, but the children often need primary medical care. For the street children, it is almost impossible to receive help from public health centers and hospitals. These public facilities are usually overcrowded with a large number of community-based indigent patients. Also, the street children are financially unable to afford health services and buy medicines on their own.

End drug

Providing food for these children restores their strength. Restoring their strength restores their hope. Restoring their hope helps them to take better care of themselves. We are convinced that this is the right way to get these children away from drugs.


Street children lack proper clothing to wear. They depend on used clothing that they find among the garbage.


Whenever we bring food to these children, we try to spend as much time with them as possible. This is a great time to listen and comfort them. We always try to understand what they need and what their dreams are. They all have the same dream: to find their family and go to school. Malaika will do everything we can to make these dreams come true!

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